Unitopia-- A decentralized pan-entertainment group platform

Unitopia is a decentralized pan-entertainment group platform based on blockchain,we connect members of its ecology group  on this decentralized structure.


About Unitopia

Unitopia allows members of the community to communicate and interact with each other through a simple set of rules. Community members agree on common goals in this mutual communication and interaction, and realize "1+1>2" community intelligence. Each community member can use the Unitopia platform to complete community tasks, create content on their own, and send out high-quality UGC.

  • Flexible mechanisms

    The community organizers can use and write the required contractual content according to their own needs, manage the community more intelligently, and improve their effectiveness.

  • Information security and convenience

    Based on the anonymity of the blockchain, it cannot be tampered with, decentralized, etc., which ensures the security and convenience of community information exchange.

  • Open and transparent interest

    The distribution of benefits is constrained by the content of smart contracts, so that each operation is open and transparent, and the intelligent management mode caters to the needs of users in the new era.

  • Perfect ecosystem

    The assistance work and information exchange among individual individuals in the community promote the ecological prosperity in the community and enhance the community’s competitiveness in the overall ecology.


Economic model

The system should fully reference the user's contribution to the ecosystem when communicating with the distribution. To this end, we have designed a set of contribution models that capture the user's various user behaviors in the system. It designs a contribution model that includes time decay factors to ensure the freshness of user contributions. At the same time, we use support vector machines (SVMs) and pattern recognition techniques to analyze changes in contributions, and to identify counterfeiting contributions and brush orders.

Virtual Digital Asset Trading

Transaction of virtual digital assets between community and community members.

Mining contribution model

The system will refer to the user’s contribution and the Unitopia Token’s allocation rules and make regular airdrops.

Production Communication Chain Rewards

The user can complete and share the task to obtain the corresponding ecosystem token reward.

Provide system credit rewards

The Arbitration Commission provides functions of supervision and authentication and obtains token rewards.


  • the first virtual stud-farm game based on blockchain in China,has 300,000 registered users and averages 10,000 active users per day.Unitopia is the most successful virtual stud-farm game based on blockchain in China .

  • The first virtual cards education game based on blockchain in the world,in addition registered users could talk with virtual stars in realistic life.

  • The first decentralized game what plays rapidly, surpassing traditional online table games with mechanics such as‘card-showing’time limited to one second.


  • 2018.11

    Unitopia1.0 online

  • 2018.12

    The game user data imported from electronic soul.

  • 2019.1

    The user data imported from business partners.

  • 2019.3

    Unitopia2..0 online.

  • 2019.5

    Game makers will join Unitopia for the Unitopia ecology

  • 2019.7

    Unitopia3.0 online

  • 2019.9

    To share all the game user data for the Unitopia ecology.


We have organized some common questions for you and answered relevant questions. If you have other questions, please contact us.

Unitopia provides users with an ideal utopian community ecology, aiming to provide anyone with an efficient information exchange and collaborative task completion platform, so any individual who is troubled by inefficient, low-quality information in the traditional community is Unitopia's Target user.
Unitopia Eco considers the use requirements of various users. For the average user, the simple and intuitive UI interface and the user guidance can enable users to quickly integrate into the Unitopia ecosystem. In addition, Unitopia Ecology also provides online consultation functions in order to protect each user's good use experience!
Any user in Unitopia can create their own community in the Unitopia Ecology, first submit an application form on the homepage of Unitopia, fill in the name of the community you want to create, logo, and group compensation mode (including paid group or no compensation and the plan to unlock the group and the rewards) and the content displayed in the community universe.
Unitopia provides a wealth of freedom for community management. Community creators can use the DSL to easily develop intra-community management and election methods. When individual users enter a community, they only need to follow the community's election methods to participate in the election.
Each user has the opportunity to get UPA in Unitopia. Specifically, the user can choose to enter the communities that have the group reward. By completing certain quests, the relevant UPA reward can be unlocked; the user can also join the group to complete the paid task of others to obtain a certain amount of UPA; or the user can publish some paid content, set up the entry threshold of their own content, when someone pays to read, they can get the corresponding UPA income. With the continuous development of Unitopia's ecology, users can find more UPA acquisition methods in Unitopia, so stay tuned!
Each user in Unitopia has the right to obtain and use UPA. In the Unitopia ecosystem, users can publish tasks and use UPA to motivate others to complete tasks, thereby achieving a win-win result. At the same time, users can pay for the essence of content published by others and use UPA to achieve high-quality information interaction.
Unitopia has developed a clear development path from the beginning of its design. We are constantly adjusting the strategic direction of the project based on current developments. The current Unitopia project is progressing in an orderly manner. At the same time, our strong technical team is also in charge of the normal development of the Unitopia project.
The Unitopia team is a pragmatic team. As planned in our white paper, we plan to complete the development of Unitopia by the end of 2018 and test and run Unitopia in early 2019. We will combine the actual development of Unitopia and focus on future opportunities. Perfect and transform our ecological environment to make it a Utopia paradise for the community.

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