Disrupting traditional game rules

Unitopia 2.0 is now officially live!

More games, launch of the UPA token and a brand new experience

About Unitopia

Unitopia is a decentralized game interface and platform built on blockchain technology. It is set to disrupt traditional gaming rules that exist today by bringing the best innovations in blockchain to power-up the gaming industry for both traditional gamers and blockchain enthusiasts.

  • Token-based Economy

    The project token can be circulated and traded within the platform. The game data is completely interoperable, eliminating the drawbacks of the traditional games where virtual currencies cannot be transferred, thus protecting the user's rights. In addition to games, token holders will be able to participate in other activities on the platform.

  • Public Game Data

    The games on our platform are completely decentralized - game revenue distribution is organised by the smart contract. With this level of transparency and trust, Unitopia will reliably enable a new era of interconnected games.

  • Rich Game Ecosystem

    The Unitopia team is conducting research and development with many well-known game companies to ensure the diversity and playability of the games on the platform. At the same time, we are accepting applications of individual game designers and developers to join our platform and jointly build up the blockchain game industry.

Current Projects

  • Unitopia's first blockchain game with 300,000 users

  • The perfect combination of traditional video games and blockchain games

  • Blockchain quizzes, with game fairness ensured by smart contracts

  • Unique and innovative gameplay, thrilling and exciting games

  • Find games similar to Etheroll, which challenges your risk appetite and luck

  • Earn potential income from item trading in our fun and exciting gameplays



Development Roadmap



We have compiled some common questions from users and these are the answers. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Unitopia supports IOS and Android systems. You can download and install the app according to the download page prompts. New users need to register, and once registered, they can enter Unitopia's blockchain game world and experience a new gaming experience.
Blockchain game products in Unitopia are governed by secure smart contracts, which ensures fairness, transparency and security. Game assets utilize blockchain technology and are fully decentralized - no one can alter the user's game assets unless the user’s private key is compromised.
The UPA is a token used by Unitopia, and the Unitopia ecosystem will be built around UPA. UPA can be used for participation in games, in-game purchases, item trading and participation in official events.
Unitopia has an OTC trading system built in, and users can easily purchase UPA through the OTC system. In addition, UPA has been listed on multiple digital currency exchanges, users can choose to exchange other types of digital currency to UPA on the exchange, and then transfer their UPA to the Unitopia app.
Unitopia's game crowdfunding is part of the “Partner Program”, in which users can participate in the construction of games through lending their UPA to developers. After the game development is completed, the user can obtain a corresponding proportion of game revenue subject to the duration of loan and quantity of UPA loaned.
Unitopia has done many modifications and debuggings in its software interface and process flow. We will continuously optimize, and strive to provide users with the best experience. Even if users do not understand blockchain technology at all, they can still use Unitopia like a normal mobile app.
Unitopia currently has a "Star Program" for game creators and an "Ambassador program" for community leaders. The “Star Program” is designed for individuals and groups with game planning, design and production capabilities to earn game revenue share by submitting gaming strategies or game titles to Unitopia. The “ambassador program” is a reward for community leaders to build the Unitopia community through their own resources.
The game industry is considered to be the industry with the first true implementation of blockchain technology, and the future development of the blockchain game market is limitless. The Unitopia project team is confident that with its belief in blockchain technology, it will move the gaming industry forward. Unitopia aims to be the leading blockchain gaming platform in the world.

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